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Kamis, 06 Maret 2014

My Adventure : Siak Sri Indrapura Castle

Hallo!~ Assalamu’alaikum!~
In 2013, I went to Riau with my family. Now I’m in Siak, Riau. Riau are very very hot. Ok, in the middle hot Riau, I want tell you about my adventure, I went to  Siak Castle. With handphone, camera pocket and Orizuka’s novel *4R*, me and my family will go home. Hahaha.. 

Siak Castle is so amazing! I always say ‘Wow!’ *lebay*. But I will back to Riau if I have a long holiday again. Siak Castle is house of Sultan Siak Kingdom. Oh, yeah! Before I went to Siak castle, me and my family stop in ‘Taman Makam Pahlawan Nasional Sultan Syarif Kasim II’. 

*in a yellow is a King grave*

To the right of the park there is a Syahabuddin Raya Mosque highway. but, the mosque is in a period during renovation or construction. the building looks magnificent and beautiful, subhanallah .. 

Time of entry into the castle yard Siak, unintentionally I say 'Woah!' haha xD. In front of Siak Castle Indonesian Flag flutter  and one more i say, Subhanallah... 

 Local people, just pay Rp 3000 for adult, and Rp 2000 for children. And for foreign people, just pay Rp 10000 for adult and Rp 5000 for children. Picture number 5 is the build of castle, I take the picture when my brother pay some tickets for me and my family XD

Fitting in, immediately fixed and mystical atmosphere, haha xD * new result nominated for The Conjuring *. we'll be fitting welcome with two drums. Keep on getting to the palace there is no replica kings, princes, and others. Handsome prince: *wrong focus*. His palace really wide. On the right side of the building there are relics of the royal family. For example, eating utensils, souvenirs and gifts from foreign war equipment. If the left of the building there are paintings and photographs of officials who ruled at that time.

*look my awkward face xD* 
Look the first photo, it's a symbol of Siak Kingdom. In the second photo isn’t original Siak King and others officials. But replication xD.

1.       Sultan Syarif Kasim, Sultan Siak XII with Queen Tengku Syaifah Fadhlun or called Tengku Mahratu since 1940
2.       I’m forgotten his name. But, they’re King and Queen in Siak Kingdom x’D
3.       Sultan Syarif Kasim II
4.       Sultan Siak 1908-1918

1. Inaugurated President in 2007 of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono 
2. 100th anniversary in 1989 
3. some charters
4. Copies of wills of Sultan Syarif Kasim about the palace and its contents in 1904.

Relics :)
In 5th photo is Princess Siak creation xD I’m be anouxious with the Princess. She definite a beautiful girl.

 Dinning table's a royal family

Meeting room. look my clumsy face xD *siappp grakkk!!*

 It belonged to the empress glass, made ​​from crystal. * not krystal f (x) xP * Narcissistic briefly in glass empress xD

                                                               Sultan's original crown ^^ 

                                  photo to the right is the first carriage of the royal family used to go
                                                    Sultan's real throne ^^ 

One of the valuable collection of precious objects is a musical instrument called "comet" made ​​by German experts in the form of acoustic instruments with steel plates, and produce a beautiful sound. This instrument is supposedly only made ​​2 pieces in the world. Woah! 

Okay, thanks for the visit. What about your holiday? Before closing this post do not forget to comment, yes! Leave your URL, so I can go back. See ya! ~